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Food safety issues Frequent demand for refrigeration equipmentSource:Shanghai NULE cold and warm Equipment Co., Ltd.Date:2018-01-24 16:01

  The problem of food safety is frequent because of many reasons. One of the reasons that can not be ignored is improper storage. Food transport, storage process, there are many variables that directly affect the quality of food, especially the cold food storage, transportation requirements will be higher. In recent years, the chilled market has been expanding and the demand for refrigeration equipment has also been increasing. Refrigeration equipment is playing an increasingly important role.

  The impact of refrigeration on food safety

  The cold chain industry, which has developed rapidly in recent years, has also opened up new markets to refrigeration equipment. Cold chain refers to the perishable food from the place of production or after fishing, processing, storage, transportation, distribution and retail products, until the hands of consumers, all aspects of their products is always in the low temperature environment necessary to ensure food quality and safety, Reduce the loss and prevent pollution of the special supply chain system. For primary agricultural products, frozen food and special drugs.

  Not only the special requirements of refrigeration equipment for cold and fresh food, but also the cold cut-off of other food in every stage of production, transportation, sales and storage will greatly reduce the shelf-life of food and create conditions for the growth of bacteria. Food poisoning. Food refrigeration storage work in place, nothing more than the high-end refrigeration equipment, the operation method is correct. Refrigeration equipment for food "protection" should not be underestimated, a set of high standards and precision refrigeration equipment can not only ensure the safety of food but also can be very fresh. The correct method of operation is also very important, not only to extend the life of the equipment, but also to achieve maximum preservation of food.

  Market segmentation requirements of refrigeration equipment higher

  Refrigeration Equipment Unlike other products, which release energy in 24 hours, it is important to be able to maintain the stability of the equipment during the cycle. Apart from a strong R & D and production team, we also train our customers and Device tracking service usage. Refrigeration equipment companies should be subdivided into security industry level, the enterprise itself, the "standard" sink, make the product more convincing.

  Now that the competition in the food industry is intensifying day by day, the requirements on refrigeration of different types of products such as seafood, meat, cakes, fruits and vegetables and dairy products also vary,

  The preservation of these products for the property, but also made a higher request for freezer function. Most customers want to buy a multi-functional refrigeration storage cabinets, refrigerators by design sense of different types of products are displayed here.

  Not only limited to the temperature adjustment, as well as the details of the changes, but all involved in all aspects, to show the needs of customers into products, but also after repeated testing, as a professional seller, the customer is only to provide demand, but the refrigeration equipment Enterprises everywhere must stand on their own professional point of view, for customers to analyze problems and provide solutions to meet customer requirements premise, and then give the most reasonable suggestions.

  Able to dominate the market and enhance the vitality of enterprises or product differentiation, is relying on product structure, business model to change, so that the product more room for survival, but with the changing needs of customers, most store managers are more willing to equipment On the input. A freezer equipment at least 8 years of service life, performance design is the core competitiveness of the product, the quality of the first place, responsible for the customer.

  Now the pressure of competition in the food industry is getting bigger and bigger, good refrigeration equipment is conducive to food companies in the fierce competition in the market occupies an important position.

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