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Congratulations on the success of Shanghai NULE cold and warm Equipment Co., Ltd.WebsiteSource:Shanghai NULE cold and warm Equipment Co., Ltd.Date:2018-01-24 16:01

  Congratulations on the success of Shanghai NULE cold and warm Equipment Co., Ltd.Website Thank you for the technical support of our company. Welcome new and old friends to visit our website.

  ◆ Located in Shanyang Town, Jinshan District, Shanghai, Shanghai Nuo Cold & Warm Equipment Co., Ltd. is the foremost cooperative company of EUROPE-NULE in China and authorized to use NuoLuo and NULE-CHILLE brand in Mainland China. Shanghai Novo Refrigeration Co., Ltd. develops, manufactures and sells industrial refrigeration and commercial air-conditioners, precision air-conditioners and marine air-conditioners for the Chinese market that meet the needs of Chinese customers in EUROPE-NULE's world-leading R & D results in industrial refrigeration and commercial air conditioners.

  ◆ On the basis of the advantages of EUROPE-NULE technology and geographical advantages, Shanghai Novo Leng integrates the world's leading supplier resources and adheres to the core business philosophy of "T, E, Q, S" (technology, energy saving, quality and service) The company continuously developed the products of "environmental protection, energy saving and high efficiency" and gradually formed a series of products with "energy-efficient water-cooled screw unit", "water source heat pump unit", "screw heat recovery unit", "high efficiency heat pump unit" Screw-type low-temperature freezer "and other mainly based on the highly competitive product structure.

  ◆ Shanghai Novo Cold has a team of "professional and dedicated" employees who adhere to the management philosophy of "Customer First" and strive to perfect the combination of the company's products and their customers' needs and provide customers with the most optimized solutions and products. In the chemical industry, chemical fiber, plastics, food, pharmaceuticals, military, printing, plant temperature control, water use, commercial central air conditioning and other industries or areas gradually establish a leadership position and in mainland China has established a sound sales and service network , To provide users with fast, excellent technical solutions and products and services.

  Our contact details are as follows:

  Marketing Center: China. Shanghai. Jinshan District. Sanyang Industrial Park Hill Road, No. 88

  Sales Hotline: 18017224899/18916511582

  Sales Fax: 021-37216200

  E-mail: nuoleng188@163.com

Support Hotline 021-37216200 Monday to Sunday8:00~22:00