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Shanghai NULE cold and warm Equipment Co., Ltd.

       March 2007, more than experienced technical engineers together to form a "Hefei Bo Bo air-conditioning refrigeration equipment Co., Ltd.", the company's production technology strength, well-equipped, rigorous scientific management, all products are ex-factory performance testing system strict test. Integrity management, people-oriented. Bo all employees, the contract and keeping promises, after years of unremitting efforts, the majority of users get the praise and affirmation!

      August 2011, in order to better serve our customers, enhance product quality and focus on the future development, the company relocated to Shanghai Sanyang Industrial Park Jinshan District, and the establishment of "Shanghai NULE cold and warm Equipment Co., Ltd.", "Dedication, professional Refrigeration ", the Shanghai Connaught cold integration of Europe and the United States and other countries in the field of advanced industrial refrigeration and commercial air-conditioning research and development results, met with Germany Bezier, Germany Siemens, Hanzhong in Taiwan, Taiwan Fusheng, the United States Emerson and other well-known refrigeration enterprises signed a strategic cooperation Partner agreement, research and development, sales of central air conditioning for the Chinese market demand, commercial air conditioning, industrial refrigeration equipment.

      Shanghai chiller manufacturers - Shanghai NULE cold and warm Equipment Co., Ltd.utilization of technological advantages and geographical advantages, the integration of world-renowned supplier of resources, adhere to the "T, E, Q, S" (technology, energy saving, quality, service) management of the core concepts of scientific enterprises Management, continuous development of "environmental protection, energy saving, high efficiency" products, the product structure has gradually formed a central air conditioning, commercial air conditioning, industrial refrigeration three categories of products, including centrifugal / magnetic suspension / flooded / falling film screw series Chiller, heat pump units, air-cooled screw series heat pump (cold water) units, scroll series heat pump (cold water) units, ultra-low temperature chillers, evaporative chillers and other mainly competitive products. & nbsp; Become the industry's complete product line, a wide range of customer options, suitable for the actual needs of customers and cost-effective central air conditioning and industrial refrigeration manufacturer.

      On the Shanghai NULE cold and warm Equipment Co., Ltd. has a "professional, dedicated" team of employees, advanced production technology, improve after-sales service, high-quality product quality, adhere to the "customer-oriented" business philosophy, and strive to the company's products and customer demand perfect combination , To provide customers the best solutions and products. In the chemical, chemical fiber, plastics, food, pharmaceutical, military, printing, plant temperature control, water source heat pump, commercial central air conditioning and other fields gradually establish a leadership position, and in mainland China has established a sound sales and service network for Users to provide fast, excellent technical solutions and products and services.

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